Introduction to the Japanese Energy Market

February 7th, 2019 - London


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Japanese Energy Market. A 100M Meter Opportunity. Is it right for you?

Japan is the world's largest and newest competitive retail energy marketplace. Consumers behind 84 Million Electric Meters became available for competitive suppliers on April 1st, 2016. An additional 25 Million Gas Meters became available on April 1st, 2017.

 The Restructuring is similar to the U.S. and U.K. Models.

  • Generation Company 

  • Transmission & Distribution

  • Suppliers

Unlike in the U.K., meters are all installed and managed by the Distribution companies. Each customer switching to a competitive supplier will receive a smart mater first, which is installed by the Distribution company. This model solves many meter / meter reading challenges the U.K. market faces today.

The Wholesale Supply Market is Emerging & the liquidity of the JEPX exchange supply is growing. Japan's generation capacity is substantially overbuilt.

Similar to the UK, Japan has a Regulatory Environment that implements market policies that have been enacted into law and a Surveillance Committee that monitors the electricity market to ensure full retail liberalization and secure neutrality in the electric power network sector . The Organization for Cross- Regional Coordination of Transmission Operators (OCCTO) monitors distribution networks and approves transmission projects. They also serve as a central hub for all data flows related to customer registration.

Suppliers can either operate as an Agent / Broker or as a fully licensed Supplier. Agents / Brokers do not have to be fully licensed.

Customer Acquisition is similar to the U.S. and the U.K. and includes many of the same sales channels including:

  • Telemarketing

  • Door to Door

  • Energy Shopping Websites

  • Affinity Programs

  • Multi-Level Marketing

  • Direct Mail

  • Advertising

  • Affinity or Up Sell, Door to Door and Telemarketing are the most popular sales channels today.

Electricity Supply can be ensured with Bilateral Agreements with Utility Generation Companies, the Exchange (JEPX) and Bilateral Agreements with other Suppliers or Trading Companies. Flower Power has developed a solution that will provide Credit and ensure Supply removing much of the complexity and time consuming elements of obtaining those trade agreements. Flower Power is Japan based. They have been active in the Japanese market since its opening and support around 20 suppliers today.

Market Messaging, CIS & Billing is provided by Znalytics, a leader in the Japanese market. Znalytics launched its modern and global IT Platform in 2014 in the U.S and began actively serving Japanese retailers in 2017. Znalytics today supports close to 10 Suppliers in Japan today, including both Japanese-based and global suppliers.

Culture, Distance and Language seem to be an obstacle for many to operate in this market. With support from the experienced teams at Flower Power and Znalytics, several U.S. based Suppliers have mastered their Market Entry into the largest Competitive Energy Market in the World. We are available to help U.K. based Suppliers achieve that same success. We are especially excited to introduce our Retailer as a Service (RAAS) concept that removes many of Suppliers biggest market concerns.

To learn more, please join us on February 7th, 2019 in London for our FREE event to Introduce you to Japan's Energy Market.


From To What
10:15 Introduction
10:15 11:00 Market Overview & Entry Strategy
11:00 11:15 Japan vs. OFGEM
11:15 11:30 Short Break
11:30 12:00 Japans Generation, Utility Structure & Regulators
12:00 12:30 Becoming an Energy Supplier
12:30 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 13:45 Customer Acquisition
13:45 14:30 Supply & Credit
14:30 15:00 Market Messaging, CIS & Billing
15:00 15:15 What Else You Need to Become A Supplier
15:15 15:30 Closing & Final Remarks
15:30 18:30 The presenters will be available after the meeting for individual
discussions and to answer any remaining questions

Featured Speakers

Ruediger Neubauer - CSO, Znalytics

Ruediger Neubauer - CSO, Znalytics

Mari Reddy - CEO, Znalytics

Mari Reddy - CEO, Znalytics

Takuya Sugano - Migrations Specialist, Znalytics

Takuya Sugano - Migrations Specialist, Znalytics

Kazuyuki Ishibashi - KS Solutions

Kazuyuki Ishibashi - KS Solutions

Tak Matsumoto - Operations, Znalytics

Tak Matsumoto - Operations, Znalytics



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Znalytics’ retail energy management tools are designed to help retailers flourish in competitive gas and electric markets worldwide. Znalytics’ flagship product, Energy Operations System (EOS), allows fast market entry, supports non-commodity (bolt-on) product billing, and scales easily with your company growth.


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