Your Competitive Advantage

Znalytics provides a comprehensive suite of solutions built on the latest technology that is better than anything in the market today.

Our suite of four products is designed to not only manage your business from end to end, but provides the advanced business intelligence and analytics so you can continuously improve.

That’s not all, we have simplified pricing so that the cost of technology doesn’t keep increasing as you grow.  In addition, we have perfected data migration and implementation so that switching to Znalytics isn’t costly or time consuming.

Our Retail Energy Management Suite

Advanced Analytics

  • Predictive Analysis
  • What-If Scenario Modeling
  • Decision Support

Customer Care & Billing

  • Fast and Flexible Product & Rate Management
  • Intuitive Customer Care
  • Support for Non-Commodity Product Billing

Utility Transaction Management

  • Supports EDI, XML and More
  • Cleans and Normalizes Transaction Data
  • Available in All US and Japanese Markets

Commodity Management 

  • Track Physical Supply
  • Forecast & Schedule Electric and Gas
  • Settle Your Supply and Scheduling
  • Risk Management