Supply Chain Solutions

The evolution of internet and Cloud technology has allowed SMB enterprises around the world to embrace the core tenets of Supply Chain Management; the question isn’t when, but how. The global competitive landscape has changed market dynamics, paving the way for mid-sized enterprises to become Glocal (Globally Local) organizations.

Traditional supply chain strategy and design have not incorporated product, information and cash flow needs associated with returns. The organizations that embrace this shift and align the supply chain to their business strategy will have a distinct competitive edge in the marketplace.

Znalytics’ Supply Chain Consulting and advisory unit offers solutions across multiple industry verticals. Our team of experts have years of expertise in multiple industries and can successfully guide clients to realize the market opportunities that create value and improve the bottom line.

Our professional staff helps clients derive insights from historical data and industry experience and present solutions/recommendation, including processes and tools.

Our approach includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment of processes and tools that support business KPIs using a SCOR assessment model.
  • Create Value Stream mapping and Recommend solutions and supporting documentation
  • Assist clients in vendor evaluation and selection
  • Project/Systems Implementation (planning and execution)
  • Partnered with the leading Cloud Platform partner, NetSuite
  • Use a customer centric approach that allows clients to evaluate baseline metrics and benchmark against best in class

Are you ready to refine and realign your supply chain strategy to your business strategy? Contact Znalytics today.