Supported Markets

ampz is designed for competitive energy markets world-wide. If a market lets you enroll and bill energy customers then we want to help you be there as well. We operate in Electric and Gas markets. We support Supplier Consolidated, Bill Ready, Rate Ready, and Dual Billing for your residential, small business and large commercial customers. 

Blue: Electricity;  Red: Gas;  Yellow: Both Electric and Gas; Green: Emerging International Markets

Fast and Painless Market Entries

New markets mean more than just new opportunities.  They provide a chance to pick up a valuable customer base and establish yourself as a known brand in a new territory.  But new markets don't stay hot forever.  Working with a provider who can help you enter new markets quickly can make a big difference in your success. How does ampz help you get there fast?

  • Our system is designed for multi-market and multi-commodity support. You can expand into markets we already support just as quickly as the PUC grants approval because behind the scenes we are simply adjusting configurations, not writing new code.
  • The user experience inside ampz remains the same across markets.  This means your staff won't need new system training for your new market.  Enrollments, transactions and billing will all work just as they expect.
  • We will work closely with your teams to make sure all your existing integrations will continue working with your new markets.  

Need EDI support for your new market?  Read all about our zdi electronic data exchange service