Benefit from Our Years of Experience

We've made a point of building Znalytics retail energy group around professionals with a diverse history in deregulated energy markets.  In fact our team includes people who were there from the beginning when Texas opened up in 2002.  Since that time they've had the opportunity to help bill and manage customer accounts and transactions in just about every open market in the United States. Here are some fun facts about our team's history and how we approach the industry:

  • Many of our employees have significant retail energy experience beginning prior to joining Znalytics. They come from a mix of retailers and billing and EDI vendors.
  • Everyone on our product team has spent time in the industry trenches where they were responsibilities for billing customers. This 4 person team has over 30 years experience with retail markets, customer care and billing.
  • We work to make sure EVERYONE who works with our Retail Energy products understands the industry, how it works, and exactly why our services are critical to our client's success. This is why we set aside time every week to talk about the industry and how ampz let's our customers succeed in the competitive retail space.