Message from the CEO

Have you ever worked in a system and had that nagging feeling that it’s being held together with hot patches and work-arounds? Those workarounds keep your business running and compliant. But don’t you wish you could take everything you know about competitive markets now and just start over?  That's exactly what we've done.

Our leadership team, product owners, client support staff, and even many of our developers and qa team members have walked in your shoes. They’ve worked for some of the biggest competitive retailers in the business and they’ve seen the challenges of trying to enroll, bill and retain customers in 120+ competitive utility territories using a system was initially designed for just one. We are confident that our Retail Energy Management Suite is designed to allow you to thrive in all markets, and not just get by. Let us show you our system and then give us your honest assessment. And if you think we’ve missed something then please, let me know personally.  I want this system to be an essential tool in your company’s growth.  

Thanks for reading. 

Mari Reddy