EOS: Energy Operations System

Our Energy Operations System has all the features and functions you'd expect from a top-notch Billing and Customer care platform…. and much more.  We've taken EOS much further and included dozens of features, like support for billing non-commodity products and services.  EOS is designed to let you take control of your Energy Operations and design and change requirements quickly and create the competitive advantage you need to grow your business.

We give our Retail Energy Partners the power to implement their own technical ideas without getting in their way. 

Products & Rates 

Our approach to Products and Rate Schedules is different than the other vendors… it’s designed to work the way you do. For example, a new product can usually be set up in a matter of minutes and offered and billed against right away.  It doesn't matter if that product is Electricity, Gas or a non-commodity offering. You can also set custom contract terms, generate Welcome Kits and even assign roll-over products. 

Automated & Intuitive

You shouldn't have to fight with your system to provide great customer service.  Our Energy Operations System is designed to mirror the way your operations teams work. We automate repetitive tasks to save time and can configure EOS to make serving customers as intuitive as possible--whether you are checking their balance, generating a one-time invoice or troubleshooting EDI data.

Innovation at Your fingertips

We know the secret to your success is sometimes best kept to yourself.  But when you have a great idea, you need to have a clear and convenient way to implement it.  That is why we offer an innovation space at the core of our Energy Operations System.  You can use this space to integrate with your existing IT investments, to build custom solutions that engage your customers and increase their loyalty, or even build in your own broker interfaces or pricing engines. You can create these innovations on your own, with our help using your Service Pack hours, or bring in a third party to create the solution.