Powerful Customer Care and Billing

Our Customer Care and Billing solution is designed exclusively for Retail Energy Providers. It offers the quick installation benefits of a standard product offering with the flexibility you need to support custom business rules, add unique functionality and integrate with your existing IT investments.  Integration points with you sales channels make managing new customer enrollments easy. Our Marketing Modules lets you configure advanced electric, gas and non-commodity offerings and sell them to new and existing customers right away. The service module is designed to allow care agents to quickly locate customers and act on important information like customer status and current and past-due balance. Advanced invoice validations make sure you billing process runs smoothly across Supplier and Utility consolidated markets. GL reconciliation and tax reporting are even included. You can use ampz with Znalytic's EDI solution, zdi, or we can integrate with your current EDI vendor. Learn more

Our executive dashboards give you an at-a-glance summary of critical business areas.  You can always drill into charts for more details and even export the data to excel for offline use.

With focused dashboards your team can spend their time creating better offers and improving deal-win rates, and less time try to understand data across all your internal systems.

Click here to schedule a time on our calendar.

Click here to schedule a time on our calendar.

The customer service screens in ampz make critical information like past due balance easy for your agents to identify and act on. The result is frustration-free customer service for your customers and your team.


Our Business Intelligence solution combines the best graphical dashboards with the future-focused power of predictive and prescriptive analysis.  We begin by setting up data feeds from all of your systems into zbi.  After all, you can’t accurately determine lifetime value and profitability of a customer without collectively analyzing aspects like acquisition, commission and supply costs, the type and frequency of customer service calls, and a customer’s potential for referring business.  We give you that holistic view in a set of dashboards designed just for Retail Energy. You can filter and drill down into any report and even extract that data to Excel.

Predictive reports within zbi help you identify trends and proactively prepare for the challenges your business might face in the future.  We include 3rd party data in areas like demographics and weather to help identify how outside pressures impact your bottom line. Insight into future customer behavior lets you plan for the future success of your business.  

What else would you expect from a team that loves data analysis so much we built it into our company name? Learn More

Automated Regression Testing

The Znalytics’ team knows how critical fast and thorough software testing is to your Retail Energy operations. Our Build and Regression Automation tool, zbra, is so powerful and easy to use that you will see results within the first two weeks. 

With zbra you can test web and mobile applications, desktop applications, web services and even modules you’ve customized for your in-house ERP and CRM systems. We also offer a grid server and integration with tools like SauceLabs and Browser Stack to enable testing against a wide range of platforms simultaneously. Our framework is highly configurable and includes integration points for the most popular testing and build tools on the market.

Using zbra we automate your existing tests, whether they are in a commercial test plan tool or local spreadsheet. Database integrations or data files are used to input test data and all bugs are logged to your existing defect tracking solution. This gives you measurable results in just two weeks. Learn More