The Marketplace Evolution

Succeeding today means your energy business must go beyond basic data transactions and bill generation. Retaining customers means shifting strategies to maximize engagement and earn their loyalty. Markets and customer behavior have evolved. What new features have your systems introduced to support that change?

Harnessing the Power of Your Data

Imagine a future where predictive data drives your operational decisions. What if you could route inbound customer calls to agents based on a customer's churn probability? Or use prescriptive what if scenarios to make sure each sales channel is offering the product mix most likely to appeal to the social demographic of target buyers in their territory? With Znalytics, that future is today.



Znalytics embraces and supports the changes you depends on:

  • Support for electric, gas and non-commodity products and promotions
  • Holistic view of the customer across all products so your representatives always understand the true value of the customer they are working with
  • Unparalleled ability to create unique services, products and systems to engage your customer base.

The Power of Evolving Systems

Our Retail Energy Suite lets you reap the benefits of having a shared solution to handle every day issues like EDI, billing and customer communications.  But our APIs and Professional Services Layer give you the ability to customize our system to be just as unique as your business model.  That could be as simple as integrating with your existing IT investments, or as complex as building out a value added service module to engage brokers or even customers. Don't reinvent the system, just let it evolve to meet your needs.

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