CMS: Commodity Management System

Managing supply, scheduling and protecting your margin is essential for successful retail energy companies.  Our Commodity Management System seamlessly integrates with your customer data and captures the supply deals to create forecasts, position reports, margin analysis and the ability to schedule and balance.  The CMS solution also provides a time-saving methodology for wholesale market, utility and supply counterparty invoice reconciliation.  This gives you an accurate view of how your customer and supply portfolio is performing and allows you to make timely adjustments to meet your risk policies and strategies.   



Track your physical and financial electric and gas supply contracts and transactions.   

Forecast & SChedule

Determine your current and future forecasted electric and gas requirements and set schedules for each market during the day and for future periods    


Reconcile your supply and scheduling activities with counterparties, wholesale markets, and utility invoices.      

Risk Management

A continuously updated view of your supply and demand position with expected margin and margin-at-risk as well as other risk metrics and reports.